About Us

Straight from Anosh Yezdani

What do you think is better - waking up to an alarm clock, the cars' honking, or to the voice of the ducks quacking away in the wee hours of the morning? I can't tell you how surreal the experience is, to find nature in its most beautiful form around me! While many people dream of visiting a farmhouse, experience the village life, I am living it every single day! I feel the morning dew under my feet, the dogs running around, the butterflies outside my window and the beautiful Parsi - styled farmhouse filled with the aroma of authentic Parsi food!

This is what I want to share with the world. Y.Farms is the little heaven I have put together with my team of google people for those who want to get away from the city chaos for a few days. Instead of the popular and monetised Farmhouses around Mumbai, Dahanu is less explored. Which means you will have the 13 acres of pure bliss and the Parsi food to yourself. Plus, since I am an avid dog lover, we have a pet-friendly farm stay - so get your bunch of four-legged family members too!

If this doesn't get you excited, what will? I am super stoked to see you at Y.Farms. When are you visiting? Reach me!

A Peek into Y.Farms

Y.Farms is part legacy, and part passion to create an authentic Parsi-based farm stay near Mumbai. Even though we have modern amenities like Wi-Fi, the service and the stay is purely rustic for a village experience. Something that brings you close to nature.

We have 2 kinds of farmhouses - Blue House and Red House.

The Blue House is quirky that refreshes your body and soul. With 4 rooms enough to accommodate 16 guests, this is perfect for your entire family and friends to spend quality time! Comfortable amenities at your service, added with Private sit-outs, plunged pools, open sky bathroom and Bay window, it beats every other farmhouse in terms of experience and cost!

The Red House is warm and comforting. Disconnected from the stress and pollution, you can enjoy fresh fruits, engage in activities and also spend the afternoon lazing around. Along with 3 AC rooms, a spacious common sit out place and a tempting swimming pool are at your service.

If this wasn't enough, we have a beautiful hammock where you can laze around all day long. You can see the birds hop jump on the branches or read a book, while we pamper you completely.

“Fall in love with the colourful butterflies”

Catch a glimpse of the beautiful butterflies buzzing and pollinating. Step outside your cottages, soak in some adventure and fun, and view for yourself the colourful butterflies in the air and fall in love with them.